Purim in the Stetl


No more kvetching about things not being like they used to
because what goes around comes around and it's time to dress up and come to an Olde Towne Costume Party.
4pm hear how life really used to be way back when from a Megillah scroll written on animal skin. Next will be all about old shtetl food and drink, will you fish a pickle out of the barrel or your Gefilte out of Chrain. You'll want to be well fed for the parade which begins at 5:30. If horses is your shtick come whinny with the best of them at the horse parade. 
There will also be horse rides and kids games.
The costume contest will begin at 6:15 so if some nudnik or schlemiel has the chutzpah to laugh at your outfit on the way to the party, you might just have the last laugh when you take home A $25 gift certificate to Toys R Us.
If you head is not spinning yet, grab a drink and get ready for the Family Game Show at 7:00pm. If the days of old is as a blur in your memory this will be one evening you wont forget! 
Thursday March 8,
Megillah reading 4pm
Party starts 5pm
Adults: $18
Kids: $3
JCA Campers: FREE
Jewish Camp of the Arts
844 Prosperity Farms Road
North Palm Beach 


Event Active/Deactive: 

Jewish Camp of the Arts
March 8, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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